Ruffed Grouse (Pin Feather)


Untitled-9Ruffed Grouse

The Ruffed Grouse is also known in New England as the Partridge.  Named for the group of black feathers on the male’s neck that are raised when displaying to impress a mate. It is most commonly found in the mixed forests of the northern parts of North America. A popular game bird, the sound of the male drumming with it’s wings on its breast in the spring can be heard for up to a half mile away.  Feeding mostly on the shoots and buds of the trees in the forests it inhabits.

Pennsylvania has named the Ruffed Grouse as the State Bird.

Grouse do not migrate, but retreat into the denser conifer woods in the winter, eating the buds of Birches and Aspen trees. Grouse grow feathery snow shoes on their feet to help them walk on the snow cover. Grouse usually stay on the ground taking flight only to avoid sudden danger. With short broad wings they rarely fly far.


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