Minature History Gallery


Here is a selection some of the MINIATURES that I have delivered for your consideration.

Miniatures are about 1/2 life size.  Typically carved with textured detail, and usually mounted on a finished cherry or walnut  base.  Competed miniature pieces are generally about 6-7 inches high.  Prices vary slightly.  Single birds start at $285.  Pairs start at $550.

(Call me at 630/904-4494 for a detailed quote.)

Click on the photo for a more detailed picture.

Woodie Minature Pair On Water 2Woodie Minature Pair with Drift Wood 1Woodie Minature Pair with Drift Wood 2Woodie Minature Pair On Water 1Woodie Minature PairPintail  Hen Miniature 2Pintail  Hen Miniature 1Pheasant Minature 2Pheasant Minature 1Mandrin Drake Minature 4Mandrin Drake Minature 2Mallard Hen Minature 2Mallard Hen Minature 1Mallard Drake Minature 2Mallard Drake Minature 1Canadian Goose Minature 2Canadian Goose Minature 1Black Duck Mini 2Black Duck Mini 1Black mini 2Black mini 1Woodie dek mini 1Woodie dek mini 2

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