Gadwall Pointed (Pin Feather)

Gadwall (Pointed)Gadwall Pair 1

Untitled-2Also known as the Gray Duck. The Gadwall is often mistaken for the Hen Mallard. The speculum of this dabbler is white with a black patch leading on the wing. In full breading plumage the wings have a chestnut colored shoulder patch. This patch is much more pronounced on the drakes.

The chest, flanks, and scapulars are various shades of gray with brownish highlights heavily marked with varying degrees of dark vermiculation.

Gadwalls are distributed throughout much of the Northern Hemisphere like North America and Eurasia.  Gadwalls frequent the same habitat as Widgeons.  These birds will feed together, but the Gadwall prefers buds and tender stems, while the Widgeon prefers to graze on grasses or grain fields.

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