Common Loon (Pin Feather)

Common Loon

Loon Feather -LghtWidely recognized as the truly legitimate symbol of the lakes of the North Country. The yodeling-whaling calls of the Common Loon evoke many images of a wilderness that is fondly recognized by so many. The Common Loon is the state bird of Minnesota.
Loon pairs mate for life and return to the same North Country deep-water lake each summer to breed. Each pair claims one lake as their own driving competitors away. All loons are superb under-water swimmers. Compressing their feathers and bodies they are able to swim well enough to catch small fish which is the Loon’s primary food source.

Chicks enter the water immediately after hatching and often hitch a ride on the back of a parent settling between the parents wings to warm-up, dry out and rest.

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