Woodie Pointed (Pin Feather)

Wood duck poinrted Tertail

Wood DuckĀ  — Tertail PointedWoodie Drake 1

The Wood Duck represent a real live conservation success story. After coming close to extinction in the early part of the 20th century a strong effort to provide nesting boxes and habit conservation by sportsmen and hunting organizations, Woodies are now the second most common duck species on the East Coast.

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The vibrant colors of the drake set this small duck apart from all other wild ducks in North America. Wood Duck usually are found around rivers, creeks and flood plains near wooded area. Wood Duck are one of the very few ducks that prefer to nest well off the ground.

Both sexes sport crested heads. In flight Wood Ducks are identifiable by their short broad wings and large rectangular tail. Adaptations that allow them to navigate among the tangled branches of the woodland habitats they tend to prefer.

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