Turkey Tail (Pin Feather)

Turkey Tail

Wild Turkey Tailzz-wallStuWildTurkey640

The Wild Turkey was once championed by Benjamin Franklin as a “much more respectable bird” than the Bald Eagle during discussion to establish a national bird. After logging reduced their habitat, the numbers fell dramatically. However, recently conservation and Game Commission organizations have been very successful in reintroducing wild turkeys. Today Turkeys can be found across most of the US.

One of the largest birds in the country, this shy resident of the woodlands has been reintroduced in many areas. Toms or gobblers stand 2 V* to 3 feet tall and 3 to 4 feet in length, and can weigh up to 25 pounds. Average gobblers weigh in at about 16 pounds, while the smaller hens average 9 to 10 pounds.

Colored overall brown, the turkey glimmers in sunlight in coppers, blues, greens, and mahogany highlights. Gobblers sport long spurs on their legs, used for fighting, and a growth of black hair like feathers that protrudes from their breast.

Turkey feed on tender shoots, leaves, flowers, tubers, nuts, insects and larvae. Turkey range several miles daily searching and scratching for food and water.

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