Working Decoys


Gunning blocks, are designed as working decoys, so they are hollow to improve the way they float.  Working decoys also must incorporate some device that permits attaching an anchor cord.

Gunning blocks are all made life size, have a smooth finish and are hand painted.  The object is to achieve a high level of detail accurate o the species.

The keels are made from solid cherry which can be easily removed and/or replaced allowing each decoy to be displayed either with or without the keel.  The bodies are hard pine.

The heads are carved in basswood using only the best  high quality glass eyes.

Every decoy is hand made, individually signed, dated and uniquely numbered.

$145 each, $275 the pair

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Woodie Pair I Block 07Spoonbill Pair 2 Block 07Red Head Pair 1 Block 07Greenwing Pair 2 Block 07Can Pair 2 Block 07