Antiqued Decoys Sold

Antiqued Decoys

Photos blow provide an idea of the range of previously commissioned antiqued decoys.

Any species is available as a special order. All commission pieces carry my unconditional satisfaction guarantee.  Each piece is marked with buyer’s name, signed by me, uniquely numbered and dated. You can any commission send an email or call if you would like to discuss.  Let me know what you would like. i.e.,  species, design and desired delivery date.  When sending email, please include, your name, phone number, and email address.

(Only a small deposit is requiredat the time of order . )

(630) 904-4494 to discuss a commission.

AntiqueRed Breasted Merganzer Drake 1Ruddy #4Click to go to decoysAntique Hurricane Pete 1Antique Greenwing Drake 2Antique Can Drake 2Antique Hurricane Pete 2Antique Common Merganzer Drake 1Antique Can Drake 1Harlequin #2Antique Red Head Drake 1Antique Golden Eye Drake 1Antique Teal Group 1Redbreasted Merganzer #6