Antique Decoys Available (Alternate)

Antique Decoys Available (Alternate)

*Antiqued Decoys

Created to help to feed a growing population, wooden decoys are now recognized as one of the only forms of art that actually originated in America.

The decoy’s unique combination of history, style and function make these common objects uncommonly pleasing, intriguing and very valuable.

Are these 100 years old?  Click on photo to see more detail.

Here’s a chance to get an heirloom decoy an a very affordable price.

+ + + + + Antiqued decoys —  $125 to$145 + + + + +

Cndrake #5Can Drake #4Bufflehead Drake #2Bufflehead Drake #1Antique Pintail Drake 2Antique Pintail Drake 1Antique Greenwing Drake 2Antique Greenwing Drake 1Antique Broad Bill 2Antique Broad Bill 1Antique Black Duck 2Antique Black Duck 1Woodie#6Woodie #7

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